Important Information Regarding Trimet’s Roofing & Wall Cladding Materials

  • Trimet recommends that you store all Metal Roof Panels and Wall Cladding in a dry location away from wet or damp areas. Moisture in between panels can cause white rust that can damage your cladding and the paint finish. If possible, try to store panels with a slight slope to allow any water that does collect to shed. If water does get in between the panels, separate and dry them as soon as possible.
  • Use a breathable cover if a dry location is not available. DO NOT USE PLASTIC, as moisture cannot escape and can build up on or between the Panels.
  • During transportation in wet conditions, you should cover the panels with a protective covering to help keep out moisture.
  • It is recommended to install all Roof Panels over solid substrate, with a minimum 30lb Felt, Synthetic Underlayment or a Peel and Stick Membrane (Ice and Water) between the panels and the sheathing.
  • Once the panels and cladding have been installed, clean up any materials (screws, scraps, etc.) that could scratch and damage the metal and paint finishes.
  • Please note that standard colour shades may vary slightly from one coil to another.
  • Please note that oil canning is not a suitable reason for rejection of material.

Trimet Is Not Responsible For Damage To Any Material Due To Poor Storage And Handling. All Local Building Codes And Local Bylaws Take Precedence Over Trimet’s Recommendations.