A great all-purpose choice for general use and easy installation. Diamond Rib panels are used for interior and exterior applications, and can be run with the colour on either side for aesthetic uniqueness. Give your project an industrial flair, cover up a horse shed, or line walls with a durable surface practically and quickly.

daimond rib panels

Available in 26 ga and 24 ga


30ga available for Liner Panels
Available in Galv. Galvalume, and All Available Colours


1. Used for both ROOF and WALL applications
2. Recommended ROOF installation over a solid substrate with:

  • Synthetic Underlayment
  • Ice and water Shield High Temp

Note: Check the Manufacture’s Underlayment Specifications to Ensure Compatibility with Metal.

3. Minimum ROOF Slope 3/12 or Greater

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* Install All Roofing And Siding Materials According To Your Local Building Codes *