Corrugated Panels

An extremely strong panel that uses a repeating wave pattern in its design. Corrugated metal panels are used inside and outside, and may be run horizontally or vertically. Whether covering a basic agricultural structure or creating a featured area in a brew-pub, our well-known corrugated panels provide strength, visual appeal , unique aesthetic, and practical coverage.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Available in 26 ga, 24 ga, and 22 ga

  • Available in Galv. Galvalume, and All Available Colours


1. Used for both ROOF and WALL applications
2. Recommended ROOF installation over a solid substrate with:

  • Synthetic underlayment or a metal compatible peel and stick membrane
  • Ice and water Shield High Temp

Note: Check the Manufacture’s Underlayment Specifications to Ensure Compatibility with Metal.

3. Minimum ROOF Slope 3/12 or Greater

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* Install All Roofing And Siding Materials According To Your Local Building Codes *