Trimet ships across North America, and handles logistics while meeting your timelines.

Trimet manufactures stock metal construction products for a wide variety of clients ranging from public companies to mom-and-pop operations. Every year, we roll millions of linear feet and deliver it across the continent and just down the road in our town.

Trimet offers a number of existing profiles for roofing and siding in steel and aluminum and a variety of colours and lengths. Some standard examples include drip edge, step, wall, valley, drip cap, reverse drip cap, and starter flashing. We work with your logistics team to ensure on time delivery in the correct quantities to help you optimize your inventory.

Trimet manufactures basic roofing packages with panels and trim in a variety of profiles, gauges, and colours. Let us help you design a stocking program for your stores. We work with you to help identify what profiles and colours will work best in your neighborhood.

Trimet helps educate your team to take orders, and brand products with your logo. You use your sales expertise to better leverage existing relationships, and think of us as your virtual metal shop ready and willing to produce on demand. The best part is you don’t need inventory or space: all you need is an appetite to sell!

Trimet designs and modifies profiles for any application. If we don’t make it today, we’ll design a process for tomorrow. We conform to your needs, not you to ours.