Whether you are keeping water off a roof for a lifetime, closing a building envelope with a stylish clean approach, or cladding a site structure for the last time, we have the right profile for your needs.

We offer three exposed fastener profiles, including corrugated, diamond rib, and mesa deluxe. These profiles are commonly used for cladding and roofing, and are traditionally found in industrial and agricultural settings, with interior and architectural use becoming more and more in vogue.

We offer two hidden fastener profiles, including snap lock/nail strip and mechanical lock, in a variety of seam heights and widths.

Generally speaking, exposed fastener profiles are used for industrial, economy, and general cladding. Hidden fastener profiles are used for high end commercial structures, luxury homes, and long term value-oriented projects. Let us help you select the right profile for your project.

Our planning and take-off software allows us to cut panels to the exact length you need, eliminating on site work for you and minimizing waste.

Our notched panels (hidden fastener profiles only) allow faster and more reliable installation, saving you time, money, and future service calls.

We offer logistics help to get product to site in the spot you need it at the time it has to be there. We offer North America wide shipping, and have delivered product as far as an island in the Pacific Ocean.