About Trimet


  • Celebrating 17 years of operation as of February 1, 2019

  • Delivers with speed, service and accuracy. Last summer, we reached our stated goal of 2 day turn-around 98% of the time. With Trimet, you don¹t have to worry about your crews waiting around for metal.
  • Our people handle your metal flashing and roofing concerns and worries so you don¹t have to. Our team has over 250 years in collective experience cutting, bending and processing metal. They transform napkin drawings, cardboard templates, autoCAD drawings, and vague descriptions into accurate flashing and roofing on a constant daily basis.
  • Has the largest fleet of computerized brakes in Calgary, including a 20ft double bender, a heavy gauge press brake, a 14ft speed bender and 4 10FT. This allow us to bend accurately, replicate roll-formed panels for small orders, and process a lot of orders in a short amount of time.
  • Has a cut to length service center, allowing us to slit and shear steel, aluminum and copper coil to any length. We can also recoil for you: if you wanted a 48² coil slit into 3 16² coils, we could do that for you.
  • We deliver, with 16FT deck and 9000lbs capability truck, including a picker crane for ground-drops where no forklift is present on your job site. This allows us to control the timing of your delivery and meet your schedule each and every time.
  • When you need material in a hurry, we have it on hand. We maintain a full inventory of galvanized, galvalume and satin coat steel from 30GA to 14GA, painted steel from 30GA to 24GA in about 50 different colours, aluminum in about 40 colours, copper, stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
  • Trimet has various rollformers and profiles, allowing us to roll exposed fastener profiles like corrugated and diamond rib, cladding in a mesa profile (think oilfield shacks and trailers).
  • Offers a variety of standing seam profiles, including mechanical lock and snap lock panels featuring notched ends, permitting faster and more reliable installation, thus saving you time, money, and future service calls. Our planning software allows us to cut your panels to the exact length you need, eliminating on site work for you and minimizing waste.
  • Our custom shop is second to none in its abilities to produce shutters, chimney caps, vents, aluminum battens, dentals, columns, curved flashings and even robot statues. That¹s right: robot statues. What can you imagine us doing for you?
  • Is the only ISO certified metal fabrication shop in Calgary. We constantly look for improvements in our operation that save you time and money.
  • No minimums, so you can try us out for next to nothing. Not sure if we can do it? Throw us a 1 piece order, and see how we do.