About Trimet


Our people handle your metal flashing and roofing concerns and needs so you don’t have to worry. Our entire team averages double-digit experience in this industry, and is able to process orders ranging from verbal descriptions and napkin drawings to autoCAD designs and 3D renderings.

Trimet is the only light gauge manufacturer in Western Canada audited annually by the International Standards Organization. The ISO 9001 certificate we proudly receive year after year assures you that we are held to the highest standards of manufacturing process, quality assurance, material integrity, and excellence.

Trimet ships product across Canada and the United States: though far away, our international partners trust us to make a precise product in the timeline set by them.

All of our steel products are coated to the G90 standard recommended by engineers. This coating goes beyond the regulated minimum by about 50%.

All of our prepainted steel offers a double digit warranty for durability, and prescribes specific measurements to ensure this warranty can be honored if ever necessary.

Trimet’s products are LEED accredited, are 100% recyclable, and most contain recycled materials. Trimet is a carbon negative operation manufacturing a long-lasting recyclable product.

Trimet is owned by Neuhoff Capital Corporation, a private equity investor based in Calgary. Our ownership invests heavily in our people, our equipment, and our community, year after year. Our professional management team keeps us focused on innovation, growth, new markets, and continuous improvement.


Here at Trimet we have outfitted ourselves with state-of-the-art equipment, to solve your problems with speed, service and accuracy.

All our bending machines are computerized, allowing for maximum accuracy and production of product. We are able to produce material in a fraction of the time it would take to cut and bend by hand. We can bend pieces up to 20′ in length, which can drastically cut down or eliminate unsightly seams where pieces have to be joined.

The accuracy and speed of our bending equipment allows us to offer a versatile product line. For example, some of our window battens are designed with multiple bends and stiffeners to reduce the oil-canning or rippled appearance of conventional window battens. Having the ability to add all the extra bends strengthens the product but also creates a more attractive product in terms of appearance for your home or project.

Our 20′ Double Bender allows us to manufacture custom Q deck and roof deck and custom panels and profiles of any type. Our cut-to-length line allows us to offer slitting and recoiling services and cut material to the exact length you need it..

Our rough sawn wood-grain embosser used for our wood-grain products creates an attractive and authentic wood appearance. This tool offers our customers a maintenance free product that doesn’t shrink or crack yet gives the appearance of a real wood product.

We offer delivery service, using our own truck with knuckle boom, allowing us to ensure your material arrives promptly and in the same condition that it left our shop.